Prayer is the Work

Prayer is the Work

Many years ago I remember my youth pastor saying, “Prayer is the Work.”  He taught this to those of us who stayed home in Houston while the rest of the youth went down to Mexico for the annual summer mission trip. We gathered together to pray for them everyday they were gone. I didn’t understand this phrase then, but I think I am beginning to grasp it now.

The more I work in ministry, the more convinced I become that prayer is where the real work is done.  More than having hard conversations, more than studying, more than moving overseas (while these are certainly crucially important elements in gospel ministry!) prayer is what moves the Lord to work.  The Lord incorporates our prayers in some mysterious way into his soveregin will and plan for his people.

The MTW November prayer calendar is available for download on the MTW website.  We encourage you to download the file.  Open it up every morning this month and pray for a different part of the world each day.

Here are today’s requests to give you a jump start. Please pray for:

  • Haiti: Church-planting efforts; plans for Gonaives Children’s Home
  • South Asia: For graduates from Business Development Center starting new businesses with MTW leaders as consultants

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